Los Angeles Real Estate Construction

CP3 Construction Inc. is a Los Angeles real estate construction company that specializes in Multi-Family, Single Family, and Commercial Construction. Our team of trusted employees and partners can complete your project in the way you envisioned and as efficiently as possible. We provide our clients with our years of expertise and experience bringing their conceptual and schematic designs to life.

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Construction Management

CP3 Construction Inc provides construction management to effectively manage project timeline, quality, safety, and execution.


Project Scheduling

Our company’s project scheduling allows for us to effectively develop detailed schedules and designated teams to complete projects in the construction and engineering realm. Project scheduling entails, but is not limited to, schedule planning, coordinating tasks, and monitor the timelines of scheduled assignments.


Cost Estimating

Construction cost estimating is the process of forecasting the cost of building a physical structure. We take the time to estimate how much a project will cost before deciding to move forward with it.


Document Control Services

Document control is a set of policies and procedures that help ensure that the project team has access to the appropriate files, information, and resources. Document control can be used for managing changes to documents such as project plans, design documents, or specifications.

Project Experience

Our Los Angeles real estate construction experience encompasses new building construction for a variety of different product types:

  • Multi-family Residential
  • Small Lot Subdivisions
  • Mixed-Use Apartments
  • Luxury Custom Homes
  • Commercial Properties
  • and more!

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