Why You Should Be Thinking About Equity

October 5, 2022


Home equity, simply put, is the difference in the value of the market vs the value of your debt.

In the real estate development realm, there are many ways to build equity on land & property, but a few of the most common ways are by increasing your home value or reducing the amount you owe, or capturing swings in the market. From monthly mortgage payments, increasing your down payment, or improving your home, a key place often overlooked is building equity through multifamily condominiums, townhomes, and apartments.

Los Angeles is a densely populated area inclusive of about 10 million people according to the United States Census Bureau (2020). To accommodate an area growing at 3.5%, it’s time to build up on land. More floors, more construction, more units, and more affordable housing.

Real estate development and architectural industry experts, CP3 Development, located in Culver City, are working at a rapid speed to help clients, investors, and engineers build properties that maximize ensure long term equity and return on investment.

If you are interested check out some of our real estate development services: 

-dry utility services 

-architectural design services 

-construction management services

-land use & entitlement services 

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